Resonances: Trishaunna Henry – “Morph”

Trishaunna Henry

Trishaunna Henry (BFA Sculpture, Edna Manley College) lives in south eastern Clarendon, Jamaica, in a small district by the name of Rosewell. The youngest of seven children, her artistic interests were from early on fostered by her mother and her art teacher, Mrs James, at Foga Road High School. As a sculptor, she is interested in social, environmental and futuristic issues. Her work has been exhibited in the 2019 Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts Final Year Exhibition.


My sculptures are made of clay and, in one instance, resin. My pieces are not motivated by mythology or even culturally inspired costumes; instead, they are inspired by the scientific possibilities of genetic merger. I am suggesting in my work that through science the creatures of the imagination are possible, and may even be useful if we are to explore environments that are harsh in order to test the extent to which lifeforms can exist in these places. My work is also an exploration of the type of genetical modification and genetical engineering that have taken place historically and how even the changes to our environment may be playing a role in our natural adaptation to climate change and pollution. So while the hybrid animals in my work are mostly from my imagination and a form of science fiction, it is also an exploration of past scientific experiments, environmental impact and futuristic possibilities in one. My project adds to the body of work being done by contemporary artists in this area of hybrid creatures.

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