Resonances: Leanne Mair – “Ghosts of the Urban Landscape”

Leanne Mair (BFA Painting) was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1998, and was raised there. She enrolled at the Edna Manley College in 2015 and completed her studies in 2019. As a painting major, her primary media are oil and acrylic paint but she also explores mixed media and textiles. Her mixed media works are heavily inspired by the material culture of objects, building and people found in Kingston. She also sources inspiration from Caribbean literature and visual art, especially works exploring black identity. Her work was recently featured in the 2019 School of Visual Art Final Year exhibition at the Edna Manley College.


My work focuses on the urban landscape of Jamaica and how Kingston’s environment reflects its people. The work attempts to recreate the progression of time and age through the material culture of old posters. The repetitive action of pasting and removing paper is exhausting. As exhausting as our society. Our people are busy and tired. Our environment is worn out. Posters are like ghosts of what we said, where we went, what we believed in and what we fought for, whether it was a political rally, a party, or a church crusade. Yet these issues constantly become insignificant as they fade over and over again. I believe that these posters are an example of how we constantly seek to sustain our complex, contradicting culture. It consumes us in the process, just as how this body of work aims to consume you. 

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