Resonances: Keisha Walters – “Mi Want Mi Shoes”

Keisha Walters (BFA Painting) was born in Jamaica, in the Parish of Saint Catherine and has always had a love for art. She works in a variety of media, including painting, aluminium casting, textile printing and wood construction, and was featured in the 2019 School of Visual Art Final Year exhibition at the Edna Manley College. Resonances is her first professional exhibition outside of the College.


The shoe, as we know it, is an everyday item and sometimes a luxury one. My research and analysis have led me to believe that the “shoe” is not just a consumer item but can be rationalized and contextualized as an artefact. I am looking at the shoe as an allegory, which has multiple meanings in everyday life and almost every culture and its mystique continues today. I am investigating this through the prism of contemporary art.

My investigations are drawn from nursery rhymes, stories, myths, songs, legends, historical art works, and newspaper clippings which revealed meanings and metaphors surrounding the shoe.

Although a painting student, I chose to step away from my main medium area and to experiment with three-dimensional objects instead. The resulting work became an installation, from which this exhibition presents excerpts.

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