Resonances (June 30, 2019)

Resonances is a one-day exhibition consisting of selections from the 2019 Edna Manley College Final Year exhibition, which will be on view on Sunday, June 30, at 132 Harbour Street, Downtown Kingston. The exhibition is presented in association between Kingston Creative and the School of Visual Arts, Edna Manley College, and also forms part of the Kingston Creative Art Walk programme on June 30.

Resonances features six young artists: Trishaunna Henry (BFA Sculpture), Joni P. Gordon (BFA Photography), Leanne Mair (BFA Painting), Yulanah Mullings (BFA Painting), Mark Robinson (BFA Painting), and Keisha Walters (BFA Painting). They work in media ranging from ceramic and aluminium to wood, paper and cardboard constructions, to paper and textile collage, and ranges from miniature scale to very large. Each of the six artists makes use of the resonant potential of the object and the image to speak about more than itself and to invoke stories about social, cultural and historical subjects as diverse as the experience of the Jamaican urban environment and the car culture; the personal traumas of racism, migrant work and childhood sexual abuse; the dilemmas of genetic engineering; and the historical and contemporary cultural significance of shoes. The exhibition is curated by Veerle Poupeye, an art historian specialized in Caribbean art and an independent curator and writer. Dr Poupeye is also a lecturer at the Edna Manley College.

The use of the 132 Harbour Street, a beautiful early 20th century warehouse space which is under renovation, as a pop-up exhibition venue for this project also illustrates the potential of such buildings in Downtown Kingston to serve as galleries and other cultural spaces, as the dream of the Downtown Kingston Art District is beginning to take shape.

All are welcome to view the Resonances exhibition on June 30, which will be open at 132 Harbour Street between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm. The venue is just around the corner from the National Gallery parking and will be clearly marked. The artists will be present to talk about their work. Complimentary ice teas will be offered by Jamaican Teas Ltd, who also made the space available. The Jamaica Gleaner Company is sponsoring art transport and print work.

132 Harbour Street

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